LITTLE  OLGA is a small design company, based in Denmark.

The new LITTLE OLGA collection are soon avaiable at our retailers. It draws it's inspiration from vintage hair clips with a twist from urban modern culture. The key product made by LITTLE OLGA is still our wonderfull hair bows, some are made in a small scale production, others stay as unique pieces. All products on this site is carefully developed. Materials are handpicked and the production is as ecofriendly as possible.

LITTLE OLGA accessories are sold in selected stores, mainly in Denmark but all over Europe aswell. If you would like to know more about us feel free to contact us. LITTLE OLGA was founded in 2013 by lene Albeck.

Telefon:                      Mail:                                             Adresse: 
+45 41294190                     Hasserisgade 39- 9000 Aalborg